A word from our Competitive Representative:

I want to thank all those involved in the 2014/2015 competitive assessments for your support in making our program a success. This includes the players, parents, volunteers and board members alike.

I know it takes a lot of courage for players to attend assessments for a competitive team let alone worry if they will make it.  As you all know, every player that attends assessments is not guaranteed to make a team. This is a hard reality for the players, the parents and the selection committee. 

A Competitive Coaches Selection Committee has been assigned the task of reviewing the evaluation forms for each player attending assessments. Evaluations are based on how each player performed in comparison to all other players on the field at each specific assessment session. This committee has now selected the players for the 2014/2015 Competitive Program.

The Fall 2014/2015 Competitive teams are now posted on both the Rohnert Park Soccer Club website and the Rohnert Park Soccer Club's Facebook page. The team postings are final.

There will be no explanation as to why a player "did" or "did not make" a team. Please know that it is a hard task to review and select our competitive teams. The decisions are made with much thought and dialogue, so please respect the committee’s final selections. For those of you that do not make a competitive team, please be sure to just bring it to next year's try-outs. 

For those players that are selected to play on a competitive team, know that it is a privilege to play competitive soccer. With that in mind, you must be respectful on and off the field, to your teammates as well as others who may not have made the team. You not only represent yourself, your family, your team and your coaches, but you also represent the Rohnert Park Soccer League and the City of Rohnert Park. Remember this when playing teams in other cities.

I hope to see you all out on the pitch,

Ed Chasco

Competitive Director

Rohnert Park Soccer Club  

Interested in the coaching at the Competitive level? 
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Applications can be mailed to:

Competitive Coaching
Rohnert Park Soccer Club
P. O. Box 1656
Rohnert Park, CA 94927
or email the application to the following email address:

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