Competitive Assessments

U15 - U19 will be held at Eagle Park on

Tuesday May 22, 2018


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

U15 - U16 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

U17 - U19 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Team Selections

Competitive Fees

2018-2019 Fall - Competitive Fee $340


$125 - covers the registration fee for the whole soccer year.  The Fall season is the beginning of the competitive soccer year  and will end mid-to-late November.  

$60 - covers the competitive fee for Fall league only.  Every season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) played will have a competitive fee which helps cover field and referee costs. Ex: if a team finishes playing fall and decides to play Spring each continuing player will only need to pay a $100 competitive fee for Spring.

$30 - covers player pass for whole soccer year.  Player passes are required of any player wanting to play in any NorCal Premier event(s) (i.e. regular season, tournaments, State Cup).

$30 - covers the General training fee for that season.  A portion of each registered player's registration fee is set aside for the player's general training.

$30 - covers the Team Training/Coach Education fee for that season.  A portion of each registered player's registration fee is set aside for the player's training or a coach's education.

$50 - covers the competitive coach stipend for the whole soccer year
RPSC has always relied on volunteers and has never 'paid' their competitive coaches like neighboring clubs do.  In order to stay somewhat 'competitive' with other clubs, it was decided that a portion of each registered player's registration fee is set aside for as a coach stipend.  This stipend is paid to the head coach at the end of the fall season.  This is to help offset the many out of pocket costs that coaches incur while coaching your player(s).

$15 - covers the team fee (used for team-related expenses) for the whole soccer year.  A portion of each registered player's registration is set aside for the team to use to offset any costs that the team decides on, extra equipment, tournament costs, extra training, etc.

    **Any player that wants to join a team (U9-U19) during a season other than fall will need a separate assessment.

If a player is new to competitive, but was registered in the current season with RPSC Recreational program, the cost is $115.  

If the player is new to RPSC, the fees will range.

Birth Year & Age Group Matrix

Birth Year / Age Group

2010 / U9

2009 / U10

2008 / U11

2007 / U12

2006 / U13

2005 / U14

2004 / U15

2003 / U16 

2002 / U17

2001 / U18

2000 / U19

Big Tent Meeting

The Big Tent Meeting / Competitive Registration will be held on Thursday, May 24th, at Cross and Crown, 5475 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park.  The meetings will be staggered by age group and is as follows:

U9 Boys & Girls - 5:30 pm

U10 Boys & Girls - 6:00 pm

U11 Boys & Girls - 6:30 pm

U12 Boys & Girls - 7:00 pm

U13 Boys & Girls - 7:30 pm

Here is what you must bring to the meeting:

  1. US Club Registration Form (click here), filled out and signed.  Forms will be available that evening. 
  2. A registration fee of $340 - cash, check (made payable to RPSC), or credit card (3% convenience fee will be added).
  3. **Player’s birth certificate (copies can be made onsite).  Returning Competitive players will not need to bring a copy of their birth certificate.

**A birth certificate is needed if:

  1. The player is new to Competitive (even though they previously played in Recreational program with RPSC)
  2. The player is new to RPSC 

What is Competitive Soccer?


Some of you may think competitive soccer’s goal is to win. This is true for any sport and that is why we try to win, otherwise why bother playing a game. The difference is the perspective taken by the coaches and the program. Overall competitive soccer means you are entering into a structured soccer development program with educated and dedicated coaches and you will be playing similarly coached teams at similar talent levels.
Competitive Perspective:   A competitive coach who thinks long term when they are developing players. A competitive team is often together for many years, so the competitive coach can take a long view of development and work on the foundations that will pay dividends when the players are 15, 16, 17 years old.
Level of play:   Competitive soccer is competitive because the players are developed and play with and against players of equal or less skill. Even kids on the playground will even up teams, if they are lopsided, to ensure a good competitive play. You only get better by playing against better competition, raising your standards and working hard to be better. Playing against kids you can dominate easily is very ego driven and doesn’t lead to long-term development or opportunities. Studies have shown that ego drivendevelopment (measurement against peers, vs. goal driven development (improvement of individual goals) result in players dropping out when the going gets tough. The goal driven player perseveres and continues working hard to get better. Our Registrar is in close communication with our competitive coaches regarding the level of play for each team.
Playing time:  We often hear that in recreational (rec) soccer we get at least half (1/2) the game of playing time. We've got to say, in competitive soccer, at the younger ages, your players should be getting the same basic guarantee. Coaches want your player and you to be happy. They also want the players to develop, which only happens on the field. As the players get older, in their teens, this may change, a coach may make the decision not to sub in a tight game or in a championship game. This will affect playing time.  Our perspective is that, you pay to have your child learn how to play soccer.  This is not the same for actual game play.  Those that work the hardest earn the right to be on the field during games.  
Assessments:  Assessments are interesting and vary from league to league. But, at the youngest ages of U11 and below, you will often see as many teams put together as there are enough willing players and parents. Educated and committed coaches know that with guidance and patience, most of the kids will become substantially better. A whole year of development vs. a kid playing 3 months of recreational soccer makes a very big difference in their level of play.
Compeititve Uniform:  Uniforms can only be purchased through Soccer & Sports, located at 3774 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA (at the Todd Rd. exit of the 101 north).  The competitive uniform consists of 1 royal blue jersey (home), 1 white jersey (away), royal blue shorts, and socks.  Other competitive gear is also available there, including long sleeve jerseys, backpacks, warm up pants and jackets. 
Cost:  Many other leagues charge monthly fees to pay their coaches and trainers.  In our league, the commitment to coach comes from volunteers that are interested in nothing more than improving our program.  Please keep in mind that we do have a fireworks fundraiser that could help teams recover some of the costs of playing competitive soccer.
Tournaments:  The head coach of each team decides which tournaments the team will attend and how many tournaments are done in the year.  Every team is different, some do 6 or 7 summer tournaments while others only squeeze in 3, it's up to the team and ultimately the head coach.  Tournament fees are separate and NOT included in the registration fees.Thesefeeare collected by a team manager, which are then turned into our Registrar, who then gets teams registered for the tournaments. Not every team applies to play State Cup, but for those that do, it would also be an additional fee that is NOT included in the registration fee.    
RPSC fees are subject to change and re-evaluated every year. 

Thinking of Coaching Competitive Soccer?

 Interested in the coaching at the Competitive level? 
Click here for an application
Applications can be mailed to:
Competitive Coaching
Rohnert Park Soccer Club
P. O. Box 1656
Rohnert Park, CA 94927
or email the application to the following email address: